Septic Systems Designed

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Awesco Septic Services are able to provide robust septic system design services.

Septic System:
In Washington, septic systems are divided up into three basic categories: standard gravity, pressure distribution, and advanced treatment systems.

Standard Gravity- Drainfield works by letting gravity drain the effluent from the septic tank into a series of underground trenches that are below the elevation of the septic tank. New liquid waste forces the same out liquid waste out of the tank and out into the drainfield. Pressure distribution- usually required when there isn’t enough soil depth available for complete treatment by a gravity system.

A minimum of two feet of properly drained soil is required under the trenches. The tank and drainfield size are normally the same as a standard gravity system, but the method by which the effluent is distributed to the soil is different.

Advanced Treatment- required when shallow soils exist (12-30 inches). The basic function of these systems is to clean the wastewater prior to the final disposal into the ground. Most of the time, these treatment systems are followed by pressure distribution drainfields (trenches or drip tube).