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Whether it's consulting, design and installation or repair of your existing system, A Wesco Septic is your professional, courteous and affordable solution. Our goal at A Wesco is to turn our new customers into long term relationships while helping you maintain your septic system.

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Who knew that having one's septic pumped could be so nice. Jeff Stout and his son did a wonderful job and were so helpful while also being non-judgmental (it had been a while). I've been working with A Wesco for years. Definitely recommend.
We had A Wesco Septic out for a pump-out service today and received awesome service from both Jeff and Blake! They were very courteous and patient with all of our concerns and questions.Our experience with the whole A Wesco staff, from phone communications with Taylor & Joe, to the on site experience with Jeff and Blake, will surely have us returning to A Wesco for our next septic service. Well done team!
Jeff and Blake did an excellent job pumping and cleaning our septic system, and gave us the information we needed to keep everything in top working order. They are knowledgeable and friendly, and we recommend Awesco for septic service. We will certainly use them in the future.
Septic pumping is a dirty business, so nice to finally find a company with integrity and professionalism. Jeff the technical did everything spot on - communication was outstanding, on time, and friendly. Be happy you have an employee like Jeff that represents the business. EDIT: after receiving copy of paid invoice a $15 Fuel Surcharge for driving 1 mile from your facility was included in the invoice - this was not disclosed to me prior to service scheduling. Really didn't appreciate that, so would be great if the $15 was given to Jeff for his workmanship. Overall, still a great company to do business with. Thanks.
I can’t thank this team enough! We had our septic alarm go off. We called A Wesco and they answered the phone. That was the first unexpected pleasant surprise and things just continued to go well. I told them the problem and they said they could send someone out in a few hours which was amazing. The team showed up as expected and quickly located the problem. They told us they could have someone out the next day to make repairs. They came out the next day while I was working, texted me updates along the way, and made the repairs as expected. I could not be happier with their customer service, speedy help, and cost of repair.
I can't thank this team enough! We had our septic alarm go off. We called A Wesco and they answered the phone. That was the first unexpected pleasant...
Jesse from Awesco Septic did a amazing work on our project 3 months back. He and his team have gone well beyond expectations on this job.I had initially reached out to Awesco Septic after a crawlspace inspection revealed leaving from the septic line. They were able to schedule an appointment quickly, within a day or so. Jesse and his team were able to locate the tank without any difficulty (even though it was buried).After investigating, they determined the line was backed up, and it was also damaged by tree roots.We scheduled a follow up job for the upcoming weekend for them to return with heavy machinery to replace the pipe. The tree that damaged the sewer line, a decorative Japanese Andromeda, would need to be removed to access the pipe.This was not good news - this tree had been there for over a decade, and was a centerpiece of the property. Several years ago, a winter storm knocked it down, but we had managed to save it by propping it back up with a brace. Unfortunately, as it's roots expanded, it tore the sewer pipe.On the following weekend, they returned to complete the installation. Fortunately, Jesse was able to save the tree - rather than just cutting it down - he was able to uproot it and move it to a new spot near the driveway. It has been 3-4 months or so since then, and the tree is now established and flowering!But another complication had come up - there was a hornet nest in the area that became aggravated. I tried dispatching them with a propane torch, but they kept coming. Jesse and his assistant returned with bug spray, but it was not very effective and the hornets kept coming.However, they pushed through, with Jesse working on the installation while his assistant kept the hornets away with a water hose.In the end, the new pipe was installed, along with risers, and the tree successfully relocated.The circumstances of this job were challenging to say the least.Thank you so much to Jesse and the team at Awesco Septic for the incredible work here. Will definitely recommend and work with them again in the future!
A Wesco did an outstanding job for us today (pumping 1,000 gal tank)! Lead-man Cal was very professional and courteous... a pleasure to work with.Home-office rep Molly was equally awesome.I offer my highest recommendation of this company!
Very appreciative for the timely reminder for scheduling service (how did that many years go by?). The service team was knowledgable, efficient, personable...
Called to schedule and was just hoping sometime this week. Joe was awesome he dispatched a truck and was able to have a truck out same day! Thank you for...
I needed a number of issues resolved on my septic system. Tony, Blake, Mike and Larry came out in two vehicles and like a swarm of bees attacked the problem. One guy put in new risers, another pulled out an old pump, another worked on the electrical and another replaced another pump. I've never seen a more efficient group of techs working hard like that and they had all the tools and parts needed. Tony explained what was going on, was patient with my questions and even made some suggestions on how to improve my downspout drainage. I wanted to shake his hand at the end but he was pretty dirty so we settled for elbow bumps. Five stars for sure. Highly recommended!
Prompt service, superior customer support. Took a nasty septic situation and corrected it for much less expensive than I expected. Excellent communication...
Got my septic pumped they had the best price in the county, they were on time, honored the coupon they sent in the mail even did a free inspection at the same time. Drivers were very professional.Will definitely be using them in the future thank you!
These guys saved our bacon in past when we had less reputable companies cause problems. A Wesco came in and fixed issue for us. Ever since then we only...
Dakota and Derrick came out and pumped out my septic. they showed me my problem and told me what needed to be done. Both of these men were fantastic and great to work with. so I made the arrangements to have wesco come out and fix my line. they sent out Tony and Blake, and once again 2 great men to do the job. they were fast and hard working. and at the same time fantastic attitudes with great personalities. I will never seek out another septic company as long as these guys are around and have the personal that they have. I am a life long customer.
Responsive, detailed, fast, and attentive!I sent out a request for bids and heard from Joe the same day. I may have gotten service on the same day too if...
Derrick and Christian came to do my regular septic pumping and discovered a major backup had recently occurred. No backup in the plumbing of the house had happened yet but it was imminent. Now with the help of Blake and Tony, the tank was pumped, the crumbled distributor box was replaced, the lines cleaned out, the area tidied up and all was well. All 4 guys were kind, excellent communicators, knowledgeable, and respectful. Yes, it's expensive but it was worth the price.
Had my septic tank back up on a Saturday afternoon. I looked up on google to find someone open on a Saturday. These guys answered the phone and were out within an hour to pump my tank. Turned out I needed a new distribution box, a tight line and a few other basic repairs . They had it up and running by the following Wednesday. That’s 4 days. I recommend. Decent price, very professional and friendly.
They came out next day...and saved the day! Jeff and Blake did a fantastic job fixing our very blocked up septic. They were very professional, and answered all of my questions...and I had a lot of them. Highly recommend this company!
I had these guys out to my property a few days ago. I am extremely happy with the services provided. They came out for an inspection and found multiple...
Called to have my septic raked pumped and my drain field checked. They scheduled it for the next day. They called and said they could be out earlier which...
I waited too long to get my tank pumped. As a result, I had an emergency. I was relieved when Josh showed up and excellently fixed the major problem. Plus, I'm now on the annual mailing list to get a reminder to have my septic serviced so I don't have to experience the overflow again. Good job, Josh! Thank you!
Josh W came to our property on an emergency back up. He did an outstanding job. He was very thorough. He took the time to properly clean the tank. He shared his wealth of knowledge on the septic system so we can properly maintain the septic system until the next service is needed. We highly recommend him.
William and Jessie were a great crew. Quick, hard working, honest, and courteous. Highly recommend.
Originally they fixed some issues with my septic system and the techs were very good. Had them out again today and had the same experience with different techs who were just as good, its nice to have an honest company in the septic service market. I would recommend their services and will use them again.
We had an excellent experience with Jesse and William from Awesco Septic for our pumping and system maintenance. They were prompt, professional, and skillful in helping us understand our system and maintain it economically and effectively in the future. Thanks for sending them and for the great service!
We want to thank Awesco Septic Services for sending Jesse and William so promptly for our septic pumping, maintenance, and repairs. They were professional,...
I needed my septic tank pumped out and called A Westco. They were able to come out the next day to fix my problem. Jeff and Mike did a great job and gave me a lot of information about my tank and drain field. I would have no problem calling A Westco for my septic or drain field repair.
They came out same day, very professional and clean. The guys on site were enjoyable.
I contacted Anne via a google search. The initial phone call went very well. She took the time to listen to me about my concerns. Her knowledge is exceptional. My first meeting in person went very well. I left there feeling very confidant and excited. Anne helped me change my terrible diet and fluids. Highly motivated me and was always available no matter what time it was. The app she has is amazing and very simple to use. Anne has changed my life and i feel so different within myself. Anne you are truly amazing and i thank you so much.
Fist time owning a home with a septic tank and from the first call to completion of service everyone here was helpful, patient and respectful. From looking...
We had our septic tank pumped and the person that came was very knowledgeable and polite. I can definitely recommend this company. They were on time the cost was about average ours was $1091.00it could be more or less depending on your situation. I do highly recommend them . We were lucky to have Josh W. ask for him he's Great
These guys are SUPER. Got same day service for pump-out and system alarm diagnosis. Joe was great on the phone! Techs Dennis & Josh came out mid day and made quick work of the tanks. Dennis found the issue with sticking floats in the sand trap causing the alarm. They were very informative and took time to answer all my questions. The job cost was reasonable and I'll call them again for future service.


A Wesco Septic is your full service sewage and septic specialist in Snohomish and King County.

Septic Tank Pumping

An average 4 bedroom house with a 1200 to 1500 gallon tank should expect to have the tank pumped every 3 - 5 years of typical use.

Drainfield Vacuum

The distribution system must be equipped with an air vacuum release valve or other device to prevent siphoning.

Buyer & Seller Inspections

Septic tank inspection services in Snohomish and King County including Seattle, Kirkland, and surrounding areas. Contact us before selling or buying property that uses septic.

Septic Enzyme Service

Using Roebic treatments for your septic system will ensure your system has the biological balance of beneficial bacteria which results in a properly functioning system.

Drainfield Install & Repair

Septic drain fields, also called leach fields or leach drains are used to remove contaminants and impurities from the liquid that emerges from the septic tank.

Installation - Pumps, Filters, Baffles

Installing a septic tank filter will help protect your drain field from contamination and possible failure. What type outlet baffle does your tank have; concrete, PVC, terra cotta or plastic?

Electronic Locating

Locating your sewer line is no longer a guessing game! With our electronic locating equipment, we can find even the deepest sewer systems.

In-Line Camera Work

A flexible rod with a high-resolution color video camera on its tip is inserted into the pipe for inspection.

Maintenance & Monitoring

If properly designed, constructed and maintained, your septic system can provide long-term, effective treatment of household wastewater.



A Wesco Septic is your full service sewage and septic specialist in Snohomish and King County.


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