Installation – Pumps, Filters, Baffles

Installation – Pumps, Filters, Baffles

Installation – Pumps, Filters, Baffles

Septic pumps are used to move septic effluent out of the pumping chamber to the drainfield.

Septic pumps do not have to move solids, but are built for durability and a more demanding lifetime than a typical sump pump used to remove ground water from a building. We will inspect, supply and install the right pump for your tank. Effluent Filters filter out solids down to 1/16-inch increasing the life of your septic system. Effluent Filters are there to extend the life of your drainfield by preventing solids from leaving the septic tank.

These filters operate efficiently for months or sometimes years or more before removing or cleaning, but It is suggested that your filter should be cleaned every time the tank is pumped or at least every three years.

We offer a filter cleaning service where we come twice a year to clean your filter. Baffles are one of the most important parts in a septic tank. The inlet baffle forces the wastewater from the sewer line down into the tank instead of across the surface of the tank and into the outlet pipe leading to the absorption area.

The outlet baffle prevents the scum layer from moving into the soil absorption area.Solids and sludge settle to the bottom, scum (lightweight materials including paper, fats and greases) rises to the surface, and the effluent (liquid) in the tank existing between those layers overflows to the absorption area.