Are You Ignoring These Warning Signals of Septic Tank Issues?

Warning septic tank issues, if not treated immediately, can become expensive and dangerous since drain water poses health and environmental hazards. When raw sewage enters the groundwater, it contaminates drinking water sources and ecosystems, putting humans and animals at risk.

To avoid such unfortunate instances, you need to watch out for these common septic system problems so you can identify and fix them before you have a dire emergency on your hands.

Common Warning Signs That You Should Not Overlook

1. Foul Odors

A terrible odor is one of the first warning signs of a septic system failure. If you smell filthy sewage(or the smell of rotten eggs) anywhere on your property, consider it as a significant plumbing red flag.

However, the good news is that we can usually smell hydrogen sulfur long before it reaches toxic levels. But, it’s still essential to address this issue promptly, as it could indicate underlying plumbing problems that require immediate attention.
Pro Tip: As tempting as it may be, never enter a septic tank!

2. Slow Drains

Another dismissed septic concern is your toilet won’t flush, is slow to flush, or your sink or bathtub refuses to drain. Initially, it may be best to turn to the plunger. But if the problem persists, the issue might stem from your septic tank being too full or complete system failure.

3. Pooling Water

Another neglected septic warning sign is that there may be puddles of standing/pooling water across your property. The wastewater will likely be foul-smelling and pose a significant health hazard, which can lead to infections, allergies, and diseases like dysentery.

Most homeowners flush items like baby wipes, medicines, and hygiene products down the toilet, which can be terrible for the environment. It’s important to have your septic system repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Some problems can be easy to fix. But others will simply cause more damage over time if they are not fixed quickly.

4. Sewage Backup

One of the worst events to conspire during a septic system emergency is when water backs up into your property. Even worse is when raw sewage backs up.

If the wastewater is backing up, it’s important to check the nearby septic system absorption field. This will allow you to identify if there are any other neglected warning signs of a septic system failure and to rule out other causes, such as a clog or blockage.

5. Unusual Sounds

When your septic tank is close to failure, your plumbing pipes may begin to make strange gurgling noises. When you flush the toilet or run the water, the noise will become audible, which directly indicates that the tank is completely full and needs to be pumped.

The gurgling results from the tank being too full of solids and unable to function properly.

6. High Coliform Levels in Water Wells

If you have a surrounding water well, you can also detect abnormal levels of coliform bacteria and nitrates. Naturally, your water well is free from bacteria and harsh chemicals, but complete septic system failure can contaminate nearby wastewater.

7. Lush Grass Over the Tank

The drainage field is very often one of the first places to fail. When there’s a problem with your septic system, vegetation near the septic field begins to grow and thrive. This directly results from the nutrient-rich sewage water, which fertilizes the soil.
Increased moisture also contributes to the growth of vegetation near the leach field. The nutrients may even lead to algae forming in a body of water nearby.

8. Algal Blooms in Nearby Water

If you live near a surrounding water source like a lake, river, or pond, watch out for sudden and unexpected algal blooms. This warning signal can be overlooked easily and is also tricky to diagnose since most people consider the presence of algae to be normal.

Algal blooms sprout when a large proportion of algae form in a pool of water. They’re unnatural and look like the water is overly polluted with algae. The presence of wastewater and sewage can contribute to the abnormal growth of algae.

What Should I Do If My Septic Tank Shows Signs of Being Full?

Contact a professional septic system service like A Wesco Septic Inc. if you notice any plumbing red flags or disregarded sewage system alerts that indicate your septic tank is full. Our specialists will show up, locate and check your tank, take the time, and inform you exactly what they’re doing so you can prevent any future drainage problems.

If needed, our septic inspector will use a vacuum truck and a large hose to pump the sewage waste from your system and then wash the tank afterward. Next, they will review it properly to ensure there’s no damage and everything works properly.

Final Takeaway

As the premiere septic service in Snohomish, Arlington, Lake Stevens, Mill Creek, Lynnwood, and surrounding areas, we don’t want our customers to only think of us in emergencies. Instead, we strive hard to be the credible septic service provider pumping, inspecting, and maintaining your tank every few years to prevent those emergencies.

Whether it’s septic consulting, design, installation, or repair of your existing system, our expert team of professionals can offer you a proficient, courteous, and affordable solution. We also provide a full range of services, from septic tank pumping to drain field installation, enzyme service, electronic locating, line jetting service, baffle installation, grease trap cleaning, and more.

Our dedicated team of contractors aims to solve your ignored, overlooked, or disregarded septic tank signals for the first time because we know how important it is to have a well-functioning septic system.

Contact us at (360) 668-6561 to schedule an appointment with our team today.

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