Budget-Friendly Guide to Septic Inspection for Commercial Properties

A well-maintained septic system in Snohomish, Lake Stevens, Lynnwood, Arlington, Mill Creek, and nearby areas offers many perks to you as a business owner. However, some prerequisites must be followed in order to keep it working in optimal conditions. But being a business owner could mean scheduling routine septic inspections and timing them perfectly to avoid any mishap.
Instead of being in the dark about your septic tank needs and requirements, use this blog post as a guide to learn a few simple tips and tricks that will help you save money in the long run.

When to Schedule a Septic Tank Inspection?

Regular septic tank inspection is a crucial part of maintaining your septic system. Some factors that indicate you need to schedule a professional examination by a credible service like A Wesco Septic, Inc., include,

1. Regular Maintenance

Most septic experts in Lake Stevens, Mill Creek, and nearby areas suggest scheduling a professional inspection every one to two years and two to five years for septic tank pumping.

2. Purchasing a New Home

If you’re planning to put your property for sale, you need to include a commercial septic tank inspection as part of the process while you proceed toward closing on the building.

3. If You Notice a Specific Issue

Anytime you notice an issue that could indicate a problem with your commercial septic system in Arlington, Snohomish, and surrounding areas, you should immediately call a professional septic inspector. Some general signs of trouble include,

  • Slow or clogged sink/toilet drains
  • Frequent sewage backups
  • Gurgling sounds from the drains
  • Unusual growth of healthy, green grass over the septic tank/drain field
  • Foul sewage odors on the property.

Factors That Determine the Cost of a Septic Tank Inspection

The average cost of a commercial septic tank inspection depends on the kind of inspection you choose.

1. Basic Inspection

A basic septic system inspection typically includes a professional inspector surveying your septic tank, distribution boxes, and drain field. However, this estimate completely depends on where you live and the conditions prevalent in that area. In this budget-friendly visual inspection, contractors will check taps, flush toilets, and run faucets to check the pressure level or any other major red flags. For an accurate pricing estimate, feel free to reach out to us at (360)668-6561.

2. Pre-Home Sale Inspection

The main goal of professional septic tank inspection is to test the septic unit, often using colored dye, to ensure proper operation, no backflow of water, and that the system doesn’t require repair, cleaning, or pumping.

3. In-Depth Inspection with Camera

Some problems require a more in-depth look. In such specific cases, the professional will use advanced tools like a camera in the system to look for troubles or signs of failure. The cost of a commercial septic inspection can vary depending on numerous factors like septic system size, age, and overall condition. However, reach out to your nearest septic tank inspection contractor for an accurate estimate per your requirements. Call us at (360)668-6561.

Affordable Septic Maintenance Tips

In an ideal world, septic tank systems in Lynnwood and surrounding areas would function successfully. But that certainly isn’t the case. So, here are some affordable septic maintenance tips to help you save a few extra bucks.

1. Regular Pumping and Inspections

Nothing beats regular inspections and maintenance when maintaining your septic system in Mill Creek, Snohomish, Arlington, Lake Stevens, and nearby areas. Routine septic inspections, cleaning, repairs, and pumping helps prevent solids from clogging the system. Remember that routine septic tank maintenance is more viable and affordable than replacing your whole system.

2. Address problems immediately

If you notice any problematic signs with your septic unit, contact a qualified septic inspection, pumping, cleaning, and repair company like A Wesco Septic, Inc. That’s because small problems can quickly evolve and become much more expensive than before.

A professional septic system expert will immediately address any signs of trouble or system failure.

3. Understand proper waste disposal

Property owners should be aware of what and what not to flush into the system to save money on unnecessary septic system repairs, replacements, or cleaning. Here’s a general guideline you should give out to your company employees and staff to avoid any unnecessary expenses down the line,

  • Avoid flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper.
  • Don’t pour grease, cooking oil, or fat(FOGs) down the drain since it can solidify in the septic tank and cause blockages.
  • Don’t pour chemicals, including cleaners, paint, and pesticides, down the drain.
  • Avoid using septic tank additives, yeast, cleaners, sugar, and other “remedies.” They’re not needed and can prove to be harmful to your system.
  • Try cleaning sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs with baking soda or mild detergent, and avoid harsh laundry detergents and bathroom cleaners.

Final Takeaway

The best you can do to save money on your septic system is routine inspection, pumping, cleaning, repairs, and maintenance. So, if you’ve been looking for a reputed, reliable septic service in Mill Creek, Lake Stevens, Lynnwood, Snohomish, Arlington, and nearby areas, you’re at the right place.

A Wesco Septic offers a full range of services, from septic tank pumping to drain field installation, enzyme service, electronic locating, line jetting service, baffle installation, grease trap cleaning, and more. Our team of experienced professionals aims to solve your problem the first time because we know how important it is to have a well-functioning septic system. We focus on turning our first-time customers into long-term relationships.

Contact us at (360) 668 6561 to schedule an appointment with our team today.

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